Beckii Cruel | Big in Japan…

as my day was finishing at work I took a look round the BBC News website and came across this video.

It’s a clip from a TV Programme “Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14” part of BBC Three’s Adult season, looking at what adulthood means to teenagers in Britain today.

Tonight’s show is about 15 year old Rebecca Flint who, after posting a video of her dancing to Danjo, to a Japanese website became huge, with 11 million viewers and 24,240 subscribers this Manx girl is the second most subscribed musician in Japan on youTube.

This to me is incomprehensible - I am amazed at her nouse, PR and business sense, even if I discovered that millions of people were watching one of my youTube videos I doubt I would know where to begin in making money out of it.

Since November 2008 she’s been on Japanese television countless times, had a top 10 DVD, 2 albums and now runs a record label.

Here’s her latest video

I’m starting to feel I have seriously underachieved!

So this post is pretty much up here to reiterate the fact that my jaw dropped open at the bizarre (due to it’s oddity and randomness rather than Ms Cruel’s talent) popularity and fame that is this story.

Every time I think I have a small grasp on the world a whole other world opens it is both amazing and infuriating!

What else have I missed people?


Now I’ve watched the programme, really don’t waste your time, this documentary must have had little cut out as what’s left in is just awful. The narrator / interviewer is beyond poor asking questions even the dullest youtube commenter would be bored by.

Sadly Beckii, Gemma (another Cruel girl), her parents and manager are so inarticulate you really stop caring and I learnt more about her in 10 minutes of google searching.

Shame, this could have been very very interesting if a decent producer had gotten behind it.