New ipods have landed

As the leaked images showed a brand spanking new ipod nano was announced today, going back to the lollipop design with a larger screen perfect for video playback. But much to every ones surprise an accelerometer is now included which means tilting joy for all ipod nano owners it also means that there is a niffty (if not wholly original) touch which means you can shake the nano to shuffle the tunes. I was more than a little impressed.

The poor Original ipod just had its smaller version cut and now there is only one version of the original for people to buy, give it a year then its gone. As for the touch, very little done here too. Slightly thinner and inline volume control for quicker volume control. The garish ariel on the back has been shrunk down to a much nicer size and Nike+ has been intergrated as well.

The other big announcement is a new function to iTunes which goes by the name ‘Genius’ which creates smart playlists of similar sounding tunes as well as recomending other artists that you might be interested in buying/listening too. A nice touch but a bit dangerous for folks like me who will download a tune just because its 79p forgetting that if you buy 12 songs that doesn’t equal 79p and then I cry when I can’t buy food. *Shakes fist* but east I have music for the soul.

But as much as I love the new nanos it looks as though the ipod touch is the way forward, after all I did love my old one so much. Guinnivere RIP.

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  • Dylan
    Genius looks like it'll be interesting but the problem I have with the ipod touch is that it doesn't have enough space for me, I have an old 30g ipod at the moment and I hate only having 2/3rds of my song on me at a time.
  • Dylan
    Damn it, I just downloaded itunes 8.0 it turns out that turning on genius sends apple info about what music you listen to, I'm out.
  • Blackett
    It sends it anonymously so that they can generate the smart playlists. Meh.

    As for the ipod, I was happy to give up the memory for the joy of internet.
  • Andy
    I need at least 40gb at present or I have to pick and choose what I'm carrying round with me, which isn't ideal, especially as I sometimes use my 80gb Classic for the odd request while DJing. For my needs, the Classic is the only ipod that comes close to being adequate. And it's black, so it goes with everything, and I can legitimately name it in tribute to it's predecessor. Long live Son of Bat-Pod!
  • Dylan
    ooh, DJ? didn't know, I did that extremely amateurishly for a few months, good times, good times.
  • Andy
    I'm a punk DJ, which basically involves cueing up tracks and pressing play every few minutes. No skills necessary!
  • Yeah, thats what Dylan did too :P

    tho he did have 2 huge magic boxes which must have the same time lord/Mary Poppins science of being bigger on the inside coz they were crammed full of exciting and crazy music which no-one had ever heard of but everyone loved.

    If only i hadn't thought Dylan was one of the 'cool' kids who i didn't talk to for most of 1st year *sigh*
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