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Doctor Who - The Doctor’s Daughter



The Doctor, Donna and Martha are trapped in the TARDIS and the hand is bubbling away. They end up in a sewer tunnel in the middle of a fight between the bubble/fish faced hath. The Doctors hand (the one on his arm not the one in a jar) is put into a machine and in 3 seconds flat a girl walks out of a machine claiming to be the Doctors daughter. Martha then gets kidnapped the, the Doctor gets arrested they all head to a giant temple looking for ‘the sigh’ it ends up the war is all a misunderstanding, Jenny the daughter gets killed the Doctor shout’s, the TARDIS crew leave but in the last few moments Jenny comes back to life and flies off into the sunset/spin-off/last three episodes.

Come after the break for a review.

Well what a pile of wank that was…….thats pretty much all I can think of to say. There were far too many plot holes, for example why was the doctor the only one top be cloned? Martha and Donna were standing just there and it wasn’t as though the Hath came running in straight away becasue they stood around for what felt like forever debating whether she was infat the Docrtor’s daughter. On a normal occasion I would think this was just me knit picking but the episode constantly semmed to make no sense.

The Hath, oh dear. The looked cheap as though they were an after thought after all the other scripts had been written. So far this series the creatures have looked incredible, full of detail. The Sontarans had pores in their skin and random hairs which made them look almost alive. These looked like a monster in my pocket reject, a fish with a fair liquid bottle for a face. I’m sure in meetings this sounded like the coolest idea since sliced bread, that the Hath would only speak through a stream of bubbles, it isn’t. And that is mainly because Martha manages to speak their language very very quickly and I felt a little alienated that I was only getting one half of the conversation. After watching confidential it turns out that the Hath originally did have speech but for some reason it was taken out. It shows. The only nice touch to Martha being separated was the fact that she became the Doctor and had a companion and every thing, I’m sure it was a very proud moment for her. Freema also got a chance to do that its cold out here I must pull my jacket together to keep warm acting she got so was so good at at the end of the last season, this is is because of the lazy lazy script which had her going for a long walk agian, she must have amazing legs by now.

As for the other people they didn’t have very much to do, the Doctor kept saying I don’t have a daughter and he got to make a nice time war speech, its been a while since one of those and it did not feel shoe horned in at all, honest guv. Donna was given the line ‘there are numbers here’ and asked to shout it out repeatedly as some form of turrets until the end in which she reveals that the numbers are dates and the war has only been going on for days. Which then made me think if the war has only been days why was a theatre one of the first places they built? Jenny I grew to like but her death was more than inevitable and its a shame that it wasn’t done better in a more self sacraficy way than old man shooting people for no apparent reason.

The army did make me laugh (however unintentionally) because every time they were off screen or referred too we got a nice blast of gun shots in the background. Who on earth were they shooting? If they had only been there seven days tey wouldn’t even have spiders to shoot at!

I would now like to write a short list of things that made this episode feel a bit shoddy -

  • Jenny is technically a clone, that makes three episodes in a row involving clones
  • the solution to the problem is a tera forming device, we saw that last week
  • Mathas over reaction to the Hath dying, I was surprised she cared so much
  • Doctor Who confidential had so little to say they talked about ‘Time Crash’
  • The sets looked cheap
  • Donna spent the whole episode looking pregnant in yet another bad warderobe decision.

That’s all I have for now.

It would barely get two hath heads.