Superfly Friday 17th October

Sorry non-Midlands people, this won’t really apply to you. Unless of course you travel up here for next Friday. Which I doubt you will, you lazy lot.

Superfly, Leicester’s new front-runner for excellently-named club/bar is hosting some lovely musical type things which I will force you all to be aware of.

“Where’s Superfly?” most people have said to me thus far, but its no mystery. Superfly is the new name of Original Four (or O4) so really most people from Leicester should know where I’m talking about. Although they have been putting on some rather good (so I hear) nights during the week I shall bring to your attention next Friday the 17th October. Young upstarts Mind The Gap who it seems are making rather a name for themselves on the club night scene will be tickly our aural fancies with some;

“Underground Dirty Bass Jackin Fidget Ravin Electro Mash-Up” (in their own words)

My geek is showing and I have no idea what this is, but it sounds bloody exciting doesn’t it? I shall be there with bells on, as will the lady wife and I’m sure another three fifths of the beautiful YourFace team. Join us won’t you for some drinkies. I’ll be the one dancing like your dad.

(Leicester @ Superfly on Friday 17th October til late)

Superfly @ Facebook