Marvel Zombies 3

This was a bit of an unexpected treat when I went for my Thursday trip to Forbidden Planet to spend some money that I dont have.

The first Marvel Zombies I loved and was surprised by how graphic and violent a Marvel comic could be. Then the sequal appeared and oh dear it was tripe. The original subverted the zombie genre by telling the tale of zombies trying to get food, rather than people trying to destroy zombies. The second tale transported us into the future and the zombies that had toodled off into space have decided to come back to earth to track down a inter dimensional thingy that Reed Richards had created so that they can dander any where and eat all they wanted. This series lacked the simple story telling of the original and lost its heart and felt like a shamless cash in.

And now we have the third series and things are looking promosing. The world has been flipped on its head from the first page with the story being set in the Marvel Universe rather than in the world of Marvel Zombies and through a week spot in realities a zombie or two has managed to break through. The most noticeable difference in this book is the lack of instatly recognisable chracters, a brief glimps of Swamp Thing and Dr. Morbius being the only ones I recognised, this will instantly alienate any one who isn’t familiar with with Marvel Universe and I must admit to spending more time on Wikipedia finding out who every one was that I did reading the story itself.

So far so good and as it is only a four part series it can’t go too wrong *touches wood*

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