New Ipods are all about the curve….possibly

This is supposedly a leaked image of the bran spanking new ipod nano and oooo isn’t it pretty? Well that is if its real, the same guy (who you can see below) also claimed that one generation of ipod was going to feature a fold out keyboard. However this does fit in with other rumours that are spinning around the interweb.

I have to say I am surprised the latest generation of nano was a huge redesign and this is another huge change, but as Apple are all about the video playback if you think about turning the ipod round on its side rather than holding it like a lollipop it does make sense.

He also claims that the ipod touch wont be going through any major changes other than a drastic software upgrade which is rumoured to have GPS. There will also be a major change in price points (which is stupidly obvious, its almost like saying the ipods will play music) so HOORAH everything will be cheaper!

Thank you Engadget.