Jade Goody in Indian ‘Bigg Boss’ Brother type thing

Ok ladies and gentlemen, hands up who thinks this is a good idea? … anyone?? anyone at all??? nope, ok then

un petit peu de back story - in 2007 Jade Goody was the ringleader in a highly televised (due to the house being rigged up with all those cameras for some reason) racist assault on Shilpa Shetty.

She tried apologising to Davina, she tried visiting india and apologising to all of them, she tried going on tv and shouting ‘i aint na racist’, but it didn’t work - her new perfume was pulled before it was in the shops, the print of the paperback of her book was halted (who are we kidding, it has her name on the front, but she can hardly speak, let alone write) and everyone still believes that she is actually Miss Piggy’s chemical peel remains.

So now she’s managed to get a place in the Indian version of Big Brother, called ‘Bigg Boss’, presented by…you guessed it, Shilpa Shetty - won’t that be exciting.

This just in - the British Passport office has renounced Goody’s British citizenship, so that if she does…when she does something idiotic, we can wipe her hands of her (just kidding, wouldn’t it be great tho?)

So the question now is - Will the nation of India vote her out so they can be rid of this monstrosity from their tv screens, or will they keep her in and give her the inferiority complex that her ego needs by blaming her for failing every task?

i’m easy either way, i won’t be watching!

i’m off to hone my effigy building skills and buy gallons of petrol

check out the bbc story of it here