Doctor Who- The Stolen Earth

We’ve decided that I’ll review this one as Blackett is still squee-ing away somewhere and finding that a lot of thing are dead lock sealed; impervious to his new sonic screwdriver. I’m sort of regretting that I agreed to do it though, as a synopsis for this one is going to be such a challenge. Sigh.

If there was ever a need for it, then now is the time to pay attention to my new;


I don’t know how to start this and I have to resist writing this all in one long sentence with no punctuation as I’m still so excited by all the things that happened and I can’t quite believe what happened at the end and Rose had a gun and so did Gwen and I love Sarah Jane Smith and intertextual references.

We start with the Doctor and Donna on Earth, but once they get into the TARDIS all sorts of crap and earthquakes start happening and suddenly the Earth appears to have disappeared from underneath them. Doctor is mystified, and takes Donna to the Shadow Proclamation which is a scary white faced woman and the Jadoon. Space Police!

The action cuts back to Earth- wherever the hell its gone- and Martha in New York, the Torchwood team in Cardiff, Sarah Jane Smith and Rose and Donna’s family. As expected, its all a bit confusing, but when they all look at the sky 26 new planets have appeared instead of the stars. Ooh-err. Understandably they could do with the Doctor, as holy shit, the Daleks have appeared, but he’s nowhere to be seen and his phone is out of range. I give up, I cannot write a proper synopsis for this, bloody Russell T and his complexity. So I’ll be finishing it in a series of exciteable words and sentences.

Daleks have taken the planets to the Medusa Cascade, 1 second out of sync with the rest of the universe!

Donna still has “something on her back”!

Doctor is following a trail to them! It was something to do with missing bees but I couldn’t concentrate!


Red Dalek!

Dalek Kahn emergency temporal shifted back into the timewar somehow! Now he’s mad!

Harriet Jones and the subwave, linking all the cast! Except Rose! Boo!

Doctor finds them by Harriet using mobile phones to boost a signal!

Harriet Jones dies! Noooooo!

Davros reveals himself to the Doctor! “I have my children Doctor, what do you have?”



Doctor and Donna land on Earth!

“Did Rose say anything else Donna?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”


Doctor and Rose running in for a hug!

Its taking a long time….something bad must be around the corner.

Crap! Its a Dalek!

Don’t kill Rose!!!

Noooooooo! The Doctor is exterminated!

Back to the TARDIS!

Dying Doctor!?

Holy poo he’s regenerating! Or is he?!

I’m exhausted. This is the best episode of Doctor Who, nay, best television, I have seen in a very long time. By the end of today I will have seen it another 2 or 3 times. So many questions. So excited. Wishing that weeks lasted 7 hours rather than 7 days. Will this be the last we see of David Tennant?? Is he really going? Are the Chrismas special pictures we’ve all seen merely a clever ruse? Have the BBC really tricked us all? (and if so, bravo BBC) New Doctor? Who would it be?