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I would have liked to have made some pun about Lost now finding its way but it has pretty much done that itself with the advertising of the new series. Due to drastically falling ratings across the globe Lost has had to change how it goes about doing its thing so now instead of a series of 23/4 episodes of the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 walking from one side of the island back to the other we are no given a series of 16 episodes which has a clear definite we will end in 2010 ending. And these seems to all be working in its favour. I was a fan of the first two seasons and have only recently played catch up with season three just so I could see poor Charlie die and the opening episode of season four is an improvement on all of them. The flash forwards are a touch of genious, now that we know that only a few survivors actually make it off the island and that what ever happened to get the Jack, Kate, Hurley and the rest of ‘Oceanic six’ off the island is incredibly horrific that they cant bring themselves to talk about it, it adds an air of foreboding and your sat there constantly wondering ‘what the hell do they do.’

So I think I may be hooked again, my only problem is that its on sky one and I have a terrible problem with keeping track of what is on and when on sky, need to upgrade my box I feel. Sky plus here I come.