Doctor Who episode 3- ‘Gridlock’

WARNING: Spoilers.


I’m sure a time is going to come where our faithful two and a half readers will be sick of us reviewing each episode of Doctor Who; but this is a weekly evening of joy for us, and somewhat of a communal event these days, so you’ll just have to put up with it.

Anyway. This week’s episode, somewhat built up by the stunning teaser we were privy to last week and the worry that the football would delay ‘Gridlock’ by a week, means that I had high expectations for the Doctor and Martha’s third outing this series.
Now, some people may have noticed that I like to rant, and can usually find a large amount of fault with most things, but I have to say that on this occasion, and of course in my opinion, ‘Gridlock’ was flawless. This was a far darker and emotional episode than we are usually treated to; set in a Blade Runner esque New New York on New Earth, long after our current planet’s demise. Whereas the CGI and the set pieces were really impressive for a television series, at one point taking on a widescreen rolling cinematic shot that wouldn’t seem out of place in the latest Sci-fi opus, the main thing that made me sit stock still in my chair was the acting.
Freema Agyeman is proving herself over and over again to be the perfect choice for the new Doctor’s assistant, at one point actually making me sob just from a welled up look on her face.

I don’t want to go on too long, but obviously most Who fans will have been watching this episode for the return of The Face of Boe and ex sister of plentitude Novice Hame. I actually wept as Boe gave his life for the people of New Earth hinting that Novice Hame becomes the new ruler of Earth. And yes, The Face of Boe did impart his long awaited secret to the Doctor. Gallifrey is gone, but “Timelord, you are not alone.” Even writing it I have a little shiver of delight.

I personally cannot wait for next week…because it’s time for the return of the Daleks!!!!
I may have let a little excitement wee out.

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