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Sprint Advert : They get NOW

This advert is kind of beautiful, Sprint appear to understand the way that people visualise the new ‘Now’ mentality, people want to Tweet (I’m @thisisdavid btw) I love the wasy they present the data and it makes me want to be even more plugged in than I am
They also have this great visualisation site Visit [...]

Mark's Media Monstrosity 7/10/08

Mark’s Media Monstrosity 7/10/08

The Great - Christian Bale’s secret identity
Now we all know that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, but who knew that Christian Bale has a double-life as Kermit the frog?  The irrefutable evidence on this link has had the most foolhardy detectives stumped.  After all, have you ever seen Kermit at one of Christian Bale’s premieres??? [...]