Saw Retrospective Nov04


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Saw Retrospective

The Saw franchise has come to an end. Well that’s what they claim, but in a time when Hollywood will reboot a franchise with each sequel we all know Saw will be back in about 3 years. No one is fooled, no one.

But to mark this “monumental” occasion I thought I would have a little bit of a trip down memory lane and look at the Saw flicks from the last 6 years. In loving memory of this franchise that featured so little dialogue but so much gore I felt it was fitting that each film should be summed up in 140 characters or less.

Follow me after the break, if you dare.

Let the game begin:

They were fucked from the start, the killer is in the room. The phrase ‘horror porn’ is born.

They were all fucked from the start, the killer was in the room, oh its her from the last film.

Everything goes a little bit ER.

Never has hair pulling been so horrific. Oh I see what they did with time there.

Kind of like the Power Rangers if everything had gone wrong, yes that’s what’s her face from Buffy.

By this point it’s all a little tedious, man walks round a theme park maze of horror. No one really cares.

The most open ended conclusion to a series I have ever witnessed.

If you have anything else you would like to add, please do so in the comments section below.