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Now I come in at a bit of an odd age for Beverly Hills 90210 I am not so young that it passed me by, I remember it being a rather large phenomenon however I am not old enough to actually watch it and remember the characters. I am a little intrigued about what they are going to do with this to make it not like the O.C. ….. oh wait they seem to have made it exactly like the O.C. there is an adopted child from a bad background (you will notice he is black, the only black character, just saying what I see) the cast is beautiful we will be involved in the adults lives as much as the kids. Also all the cast seem to be the same age, not that I am saying this is a bad thing, I do miss the O.C. I just think the whole advert is ruined by the tag line “to live in the zip, you must live by the code. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

word count for the word fun = 26, 000 times