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My Open Letter To The Music Industry

This is an open letter of sorts to the music industry looking at the minor things that are wrong that absolutely infuriate me about how music is distributed. It is in no way a definitive list and if you have anything else you would like to add please do so in the comments section below.

Enjoy the read after the break.

Dear Music Industry,

For the last few years we have had a turbulent relationship. Everything seemed to be fine back in the 90′s when you were making me pay £15 and upwards for 12 tracks of varying quality music.Forcing me to go to a music store and flick through their limited collection in the hopes of finding the back catalogue of what ever band I has just been introduced to.

Then my new best friend came along and things became strained, you really didn’t seem to like The Internet.

Napster gave me millions of songs all at the press of a few buttons and best of all it was free. I didn’t care about the legal ramifications I just wanted to bask in this new musical world of joy. But Music Industry you didn’t seem to share in my joy of new found music and the horror stories began. People were being arrested for downloading too much and your occasional buddy The Media seemed to be telling me I would be next. You didn’t seem too happy that I was using my money to buy pretty things and you wanted your cut of my earnings.

Your infinitely wise solution to the problem was to try and make me change, you didn’t like me any more and it was clearly all my fault. You introduced me to your new lover iTunes and she seems friendly enough, her ample library is alluring and she likes to tease me with a free tune every week. iTunes seemed to be the way forward, a single track would set you back a guilt free 99p and album was almost half the price at 7.99. So I tried this new guilty pleasure and I’m not going to lie to you, it felt good.

But what have you done for me? Why do I sometimes feel that pull towards the torrenting sites of old? I will tell you why! I am impatient and you oh music industry do not want to speed yourself up. I understand that an album can takes years to create, I am also painfully aware of how long marketing takes. However what I do not understand is why an album can be released in one country in Europe, say in September and then not make it to these shores for another 6 months.

You have also become more controlling, when I want to dabble in a number of artists on a compilation you force me to pay for the whole thing when only a track or two will turn me on.  You make me wait for albums months after the first single has appeared or even worse months after review copies have been sent out to those lovely journalists who are instantly sharing musical beauty with the world. Then there is your reluctance to join in any musical cloud which would make the whole world a nicer place.

Music Industry I have been loyal to you for years, we may not have seen eye to eye on all occasions. But look at everything I have done for you and the little you have done for me. Is it too much to ask for global releases, cheaper songs and the power to choose what I want when I want it?

I still love you, but you make it so difficult.

The yourface team