Libby Kennedy: Neighbours

I seem to be sponsored by Digital Spy today, but I promise I’m not, they just seem to have very interesting stories today.

The latest one is from Ramsay Street. Kym Valentine who plays the much loved Libby Kennedy has had a rough time of late, deflated lung and pneumonia to name but a few. Rightly so she has taken some time off work to recover and the wise people at Granada have just decided to replace her for a couple of weeks. Thats right for four weeks some one else will be stepping into her shoes and then stepping right back out of them instead of just writing the character out for a couple of weeks.

This has got me thinking about other shows which have just replaced a main character with a different actor, so far my list has been the mother of the family in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ and Ian Beales kids in Eastenders. Personaly I am a purist and think that the same actor should play the same role the whole way through.

What do you think?

What is your favourite inexplicable actor swapping moment?

UPDATE - It happened today (16 02 2009) and here is the new girl…