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Scream 4 Teaser Trailer

The original Scream is a defining moment in cinema. You may not believe me now but in 20 years time people will be applauding the genius in this simple statement (they probably won’t.) Scream not only revolutionized the horror film it changed the way stories are told, the effects of which can still be seen today.

Scream was a perfectly pitched cross genre blend of loveliness. Just as much a ‘Who done it?’ thriller as it was a horror film and with a good ol’ dose of humour chucked in for good measure. Intertextual referencing and a human killer rather than a mystical monster was the name of the game and it was just what the world of horror needed to feel fresh and relevant. The template for Scream echoed through countless clones on the big screen but but could also be felt in our living rooms as Buffy, Charmed and even Dexter took on board some of the elements that some (me) say make Scream a work of genius.

Scream 4 is coming into a whole new world of cinema, ‘horror porn’ is what is scaring the kids today and the idea of dialogue in a horror film is just a crazy notion that they had back in the day. I’m nervously excited about this latest instalment in the the franchise with the same team behind the first film on board this could potentially pull another 360 on how we define horror. But even if it doesn’t, when Scream was at it’s worst (Scream 3) it was able to pull some awesome punches, the Carrie Fischer cameo and the perfect casting of Parker Posey are the first things to come to mind.

What are your thoughts? Should Scream have died? Or will it be a triumphant return to the big screen?