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This Week I Am Mostly Listening To: Rosanna

The amazing Popjustice recently set up a record label, or fronts a record label, or runs a subsidury of a record label. Which ever one it is, it means that they are hunting for glorious pop tunes to release on this land. This is a good thing.

This week sees their first release. Waterfall by Rosanna.

And the verdict is. AMAZING.

Well I say amazing, what I mean is. If you love Robyn and think that three albums from her this years isn’t enough and what you need in your life is a fantastic poptune that sounds like some one with a similar voice to Robyn singing a song that could be sung by Robyn then this is the tune for you.

If you want to decide for yourself listen below and just for kicks you can download a free remix of one of her tunes here.


Rosanna | MySpace Music Videos