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Scott Pilgrim Vs The Most Awesome Trailer In The World

There are no the words to describe how excited I am to see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. The comics were all kinds of awesome with a beautiful blend of comedy, love story, computer games, comic bookyness and a whole plethora of geeky goodness. The film is set to do the same and to prove it here is the latest mildly gimicky trailer.

[the interactive trailer was here but it was automatically playing music which is one of my website pet hates so you will now find it after the break.]

On a slight side note, this was created in Flash which Apple has made a rather public campaign against by not supporting it on their stupidly successful iPhones and iPad claiming that HTML 5 is the future (which it is.) But something like this could not be created in the new super code HTML5 at the moment, so to move forward with the web we are going to have to take a step back which makes me sad.

What do you guys think?