Beautiful Anders (and the rest of Alphabeat) release a new video.

I love Alphabeat, I feel they should be more successful than they are. The world would be a more joyful place is every one had an Alphabeat song on their lips.

Thankfully other countries are much wiser than us here in the UK so against all odds Alphabeat still live on and they have just released a new video for their latest single Heat Wave taken from their latest album The Beat Is… (formally/currently in other countries The Spell.) There is little to report on the new video. They key points are:

  • Anders is beautiful
  • This is one of those use social media to make a cost effective video jobs
  • The song is awesome
  • Sadly they have not done a remix for the single release like last time
  • There is not enough Anders

Watch an enjoy, let us know what you think in the comments section. Where do you think Alphabeat should go next?

And for a bit of cross website promotion click here to read my interview with Anders. Anders is beautiful.