In Game Footage of Bioshock 2

This is the new footage of Bioshock 2 and I would love to hear what you think, to me it looks niffty that Rapture is even more broken down but at the same time im thinking its all look a bit familiar.

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  • I saw this footage earlier (if you don't read, you should), and was a little confused - the underwater gameplay (that breaking-of-the-window sequence was SO EFFING COOL YEEHEE *dances*), the dual-wielding of weapon+plasmid, the kick on that boltgun, and the presence of Tenenbaum are all great... but I hope they tie the story in decently and conceivably to the original game, not just tacking it on the end as an excuse to make more money from the same idea. I also got the impression from the viral marketing campaign website (see also RPS, just use their BioShock 2 tag) that the second game didn't take place in the same Rapture immediately after BS1, but a different/similar location ten years later... will be following this closely, as apart from the DRM fiasco I LOVED the original game. The idea of the plasmids and weapons, the splicers (the voice acting! oh! and for a star trek geek, look up the voice of Andrew Ryan), the music (another oh! from me) and the beautiful writing... best single player game I've played since Half-Life 2, discounting the episodes.
  • Star Treck geek or Buffy lover!

    I thought I was going to have to kill you as it looked as though you were going to leave a spoilerific comment, im only just coming to the end of Bioshock and have been so good for spoilers.

    I hope that this trailer is just the tip of the iceberg, I would love to sea the Bioshock world in different locations that keep the same beautiful asthetic but mix it up a litte, a sea side town or a dessert would be cool.

    Playing Bioshock has made me realise how weak the latest version of Resident Evil was. I completely agree its one of the best single player games out there. I just hope that they can top it with this one and pulla good few punches rather than resting on a formula that was succesful last time.
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