Dead Space coming to Wii

Now this is a little bit of a shocker, EA have just announced a few more titles for the third quarter of this year and Dead Space is one of them. For those who are not familiar with the title, this is a sirvival horror game in space where you are an engineer and must use the tools of your rade to hack the limbs of the various creatures of the night that have killed every one on board your minning ship. Also (yes there is more) Dead Space Wii edition will take advantage of the Wii motion plus. This is an awesome addition to game where the only way to kill your foes is to remove all limbs, its also good news for those of us that are suckers for every single Wii peripheral that other developers are starting to take note of them.

CEO type fellow at EA Riccitiello had this to say “Go look at Dead Space and imagine playing that game with a wand and a Nunchuk. If they improve the precision, then you could have a good experience,” in reference to the motion plus peripheral. In a portion of the call following his mention of Dead Space, Riccitiello said that EA is “taking great advantage of [Nintendo's] new hardware addition with Motion Sensor [sic] and what that’s going to give us is the kind of gameplay we think is going to rival Nintendo on their own platform.”

I am giving this a rather large ten out of ten in the excitment scale.