Doctor Who: Partners In Crime


Oh my dear lord, Jesus wept and other blasphemous type words. Follow me after the post break because I am just going to type and care very little if I spoil anything.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh etc… I do realise that that is probably the worst grammar I have ever permitted myself to type but its the only way to describe how I feel right now. The story is pretty much Donna wants to find the Doctor and is now investigating weird going ons in the hope that he will appear and when investigating Adipose industries he does.

But is amazing. The first 20minutes are played like some sort of 20th century farce with the Doctor and Donna investigating the same thing and constantly just missing each other to the point where you are screaming ‘for gods sake just turn around or fall over or just stop for one minute!’ and its increadibly fun to watch. And then when they finally meet is possibly one of my favourite tv moments. The Doctor and Donna mime what they are doing across the office of the bad woman whilst she interogates a reporter who has also hidden in the building. Its incredible.

Donna is amazing to watch, I never doubted she would be. She steals the show with various lines ‘You just want to mate!’ and ‘I am waving at fat’ being two of my favourites. And then when it looks like she might not be going in the TARDIS I think I might almost cry which I realise is stupid because I knew she was travelling in the TARDIS the rest of the series.

Then there was the Adipose. As cute as I hoped they would be, they better appear again. I would love to see an adult one, and they can happily replace Tosh in Torchwood.

Finally ROSE in the last few moments Rose Tyler is there and Donna speaks to her and then Rose vanishes and not in a walks around the corner and is gone way btu in a vanishes like a ghost way. I screamed loudly at the television when I realised that the first shots leaked of her on set were now in full moving glory befor my eyes. I love being a geek sometimes.