Mind the Gap @ Superfly Oct23


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Mind the Gap @ Superfly

Its been nearly a week and its taken me the best part of it to recover from last Friday’s (17th) Mind the Gap launch at Superfly.

Having not been into the building-formerly-known-as-OriginalFour for many a moon I was pleasantly surprised to see that its been refurbished rather nicely in kind of a lounge-bar stylie. Very nice. Unfortunately the toilets are as badly marked as ever and I wandered in on a nice young man with his willy out having a wee. Sorry! Bravo sir for barely batting an eyelid at me.

Music-wise despite my earlier reservations at not really being cool enough to know what I was listening to, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing some remixes of tunes I haven’t heard for a decade or so, alongside all the lovely new things that were thrown in there.

This would have been more comprehensive, but I had such a good time I don’t really recall much more.

And finally. An important question; for four of us here anyway, was it homo-friendly? Original Four tended to be ground I would not dare tread in the past, but Superfly’s atmosphere was strangely different. Arty, hugely eclectic and downright jolly. Two thumbs fresh.