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Doctor Who - Poison Sky


Squeeeeeeeeee is the only noise I can think of to describe my pleasure of watching that episode. It had everything, gun fights, comedy, Donna crying, Martha being Martha and more references to past episodes than you can shake a stick at. Most notable being ROSE appearing for a blink and you miss it moment, and the valiant being used as a giant fan (also the lasers from the ‘Christmas Invasion’ being used to great effect) and the brigadier even getting a mention. *Takes a deep breadth*

I thought everything was incredible. The Doctor shouting away through pure frustration didn’t even get on my nerves. Martha wasn’t that evil she just had to press no a couple of times, I wanted her to be hanging children and then eating their heads but sadly not. Instead it was made up for in the little smart American boy, the twisted little freak was going to move his super brains to another planet and they were going to breed, until they all saw the crazy and walked out on him and his gun toting ways.

Sades moment has to be the hot soldier dying with out getting his top off once. The selfish bastard.

Then the end. Bubbling hands, locked TARDIS and Martha screeching ‘you better take me home’ and then we saw the brifest glimpses of Doctor Whos answer to Buffy, the Doctors Daughter ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.