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Weekly Primeval Update


A bit of a surprise this week, I didnt completely hate it. Of course there were a couple of jumps in logic, such as the team going back to Thorpe Park for no particular reason after the attack at the train station and small bits that annoy me…for example: When the more dull but attractive doctor received a text message from the ex wife (I still don’t care enough to know their names) the lady’s cast photo appeared on his phone. I know this was done to remind the normally stupid viewers of itv who a character is, but it just seemed lazy to me.

Other than that (oh no, wait, the lead moody and dull character’s pot belly also annoyed me) the episode was not all bad. Although I felt I had seen this story before there was plenty of atmosphere, the creepy farm was indeed very creepy, although the barn did appear to be sound proof. And the acting seems to be stepping up a bit. The Claudia-Brown-but-not character I can barely remember from last series has some genuinely funny moments and nerd dude is very like able, although lord only knows when he is getting his uni work done.

I hope next week with the ‘future sharks’ keeps up at least this level of story telling and starts to tie up some of the story arcs which are getting rather tangled for a six episode series.