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I love you Mario Kart


Its almost here and in my youthful joy and excitment Idecided to sit and play my way through all the old incarnations I had to hand and now my throat hurts. I forgot about my incurable road rage that occurs after I have fired up three mushrooms and I have zoomed ahead of the competition for Princess Peach to come out of no where and pip me at the post not only did this result in a controller being bashed against the sofa but a number of imaginative expletives being expelled from my once virginal lips. But mucho fun was had and the thought of driving around using a stearing wheel fills my avid pedestrian heart with a warm glow. On top of this I get to make the whole Nintendo team do handstand, pull wheelies and other stunts that I am unaware of the names of and now not only on a kart but on bikes as well! To wet your appetite the bran spanking new extended trailer is after the post break.