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I hate you


Two posts in one day? Crikey. But really, the last one was a mere update.
This is what I really wanted to talk about and I was reminded a few days ago by the Daily Mirror RSS feed;

Polly Hudson.
<— This is her. She has opinions about stuff…literally, and I hate
her. Not only does her column in the Mirror actually have that cringeworthy title, but its full of the kind of dumbed down, celebrity baiting bullshit that seems to infect every aspect of my day to day media enjoyment.
She usually winds me up on a fairly regular basis, but this week she has reminded me of another story that, for me, beggared belief.

Apparently a group of lesbians are unhappy with the term ‘lesbian’ and have launched a world wide movement to have the term changed to ‘gay-elle’ As in ‘gay’, and ‘elle’ (french for ‘she’)
According to them, ‘lesbian’ has become a derogatory term and as such, a name change will obviously solve all these problems.

I wonder whether anyone has realised that if lesbians become ‘gayelles’, then gay-elle will probably also become derogatory, such is the way of some people’s attitudes. Narrowminded people will always use ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ as some kind of insult- even though it doesn’t really make sense to do so- and until their attitudes are changed, whatever you call homosexual people will be used in this negative manner. Its unfortunate, and these people are very sad, but a simple change of term will not work.

ALSO…when I first read this article, ‘gayelle’ rung a small bell for me somewhere in the recesses of my mind. So I looked it up on trusty interweb:

An arena used for the sport of cock-fighting in the Caribbean. Persons would congregate in the gayelle and gamble by placing bets on one of the two roosters engaged in the cock-fight. the winning animal is the one left alive at the end of the duel.

God only knows why I knew that, but the point is that I feel this whole term change business won’t work too well when they want to change ‘lesbian’ to a term that will affect images of a brutal and undeniably masculine sport instead of lady-love. Sigh. Besides, it sounds stupid. Too much like gazelle. Heaven forefend it will actually turn up in our vocab anytime soon, but I won’t be using it.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I hate Polly Hudson. It makes me sad that a vapid, dead-eyed, celebrity-hating (but secretly loving) harrigan like her has a weekly column in a national newspaper. Particularly when I don’t.