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If you haven’t heard of the ‘Runaways’ series of comics, then I highly recommend braving your nearest comic selling shop (much as some pretend, we just don’t have Comic Book Stores in the UK) and picking up at least the first volume.
I’m usually extremely picky about what comics I read; Buffy season 8 and Marvel Zombies being the only titles of late that I have enjoyed extensively. So, when the first volume of Runaways was thrust into my hands, I have to say I was a little sceptical and unsure that I would really enjoy it.
I could not have been more wrong.
The writing is eloquent and witty, genuinely moving in places, and always careful to maintain the correct voices. This is something I tend to have an issue with regarding comics, and in fact some novels. As long as an author maintains the styles and tones attributed to a character throughout the narrative I’m happy, but so often I find myself loosing my place and the ‘flow’ of a story if a character is inconsistent. Luckily, Runaways has no such problem.

Telling the story of a group of 8 (more or less!) children who have run away from home after discovering that their parents are evil supervillians, Runaways charts the changes in the relationships, group dynamic and fates of its heroes. Surprises, cameos, and deaths aplenty!
I’d hate to ramble on and spoil plot points for anyone reading this who might be interested in picking up a copy or two, so I’ll keep this short. But quite simply Runaways is wonderful.
There we go, no bitchiness in that one!