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Things Confirmed in The Last Day or Two

So its all oout in the open resident evil 4 is on its way to the wii. Whoop Whoop to a non mini game being wii bound and something with darker themes can only be good, making more people play wii and stop the scoffers who continually call wii a childs console. But as mentioned befor it makes me sad that porting from last generation to wii seems to be to cheep and easy. But on the plus side of this announcement is this. The officail Umbrella Chronicles site with brand new video. Sadly it does not make it any more clear if this will be a free roaming style game or on rails but any news on this game makes me wee myself a little.

The other bit of news i wanted to talk about is again the PS3. I feel as though all I do is say abd things about it and ignore the Xbox but i cant help but comment on the constant slagging Sony is getting. First of all There is the news that Woolworths has dropped the price of the PS3 by 25%, no reason has been given but shal we just assume that poor sales is the key? This also comes with the news that play are offering a whole goody bag of treats with every PS3, poor poor Sony, lets hope all of this is part of the 10 year plan for the PS3.

Finally I want to talk about the ‘cheap’ PS3 being dropped from Sony shops and becoming like gold dust to find. This has caused a whoo ha on various sites saying that Sony is taking choice away from consumers, personally i think its only a good thing. I think that your average joe when looking for a new games console they are going to be confused when they see the same games console in a variety of sizes and bits and peices missing and added depending on what model you get, less choice is better. Which by this news you would think that Sony would have maybe noticed but nope instead they have filed to release a PS3 in the style of the recently announced Xbox Elite which involves more memory and gadgets designed to confuse consumers and piss off people who forked out hundreds of pounds for what they thought was the best model of that particular console. How I love the simplicity of wiianto.