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Glee | The Difficult Second Series.

First off. Spoiler Alert.

This is about the Second Series of Glee currently showing in the US, (which I fly to on a Tuesday to catch it broadcast legally) there is, however little to spoil as there isn’t much story, which in itself is a spoiler, of both the series and this post (efficiently #fail #win).

I love Glee. I love Glee a lot. I love Glee so much I might die of enthusiasm for it. It is then with a heavy heart that after 5 episodes of the new series I am not as in love with it and it is because it is missing something.

That something is story. Yes, everyone loves the musical numbers, which in series 2 are exemplary and wide ranging, but what we stick around for is the witty and interesting writing and characters we love, love to hate and love to think about in times of self love. Filling Glee with nothing but songs oddly ruins it, it’s like a whole episode of Will&Grace with nought but Jack&Karen, we need the dialogue to anchor the songs.

One episode has been more story led, the excellent Duets reminded me why I love Glee so much. The brilliant writing of Kurt and Burt (played magnificently by Mike O’Malley) and the continuing brilliance of Rachel Berry’s unlikability pulled the songs in and when Kurt sings ‘Hold your hand’ I cried like a child who’s just been punched in the gut by the Policeman that told him his dad was dead, that much.

I really hope there are more episodes like ‘Duet’ and that the writers don’t feel the need to have to include all characters at all times (Mike Chang doesn’t need to speak every week) or give everyone a solo.

Roll on Glee, don’t lose it!