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Clutching at straws…

Hmm, Adaptation is not proving to be an easy topic to find something new and fresh for each week.

This got me thinking. I have a lot of favourite adaptations from one medium to another (Jurassic Park springs to mind) but book to film adaptation is an easy market to corner and even easier for me to talk about. And let’s face it, book to movie adaptation is amongst, if not the most popular form of transitioning media.

Anyway, I thought that this week I would keep it short and steal a little of the limelight from Mr Blackett’s Games A Go Go column with the forthcoming game adaptation of the Batman mythology.

Not strictly an adaptation, as the Batman world does not have just the one story, developer Traveller’s Tales has taken an auteur role with the much loved characters and centres the game around a mass escape from Arkham Asylum. Clearly Batman (and Robin) will have to sort this ruccus out in fantastic Lego-y fashion.

Needless to say, I’m excited. My point however, was that it seems evident that almost any medium can be converted into another as time, technology and demand allows. So, I’m setting a challenge. Sort of. There’s no prize and this is purely for my own enjoyment.

Does anyone have any favourite books, games, poems, songs or films which you believe cannot be coverted to another form? Is Adaptation the bastardisation of a source text? And can an Adaptation be better than the original?

I’ll leave it entirely to you, oh so vocal readers.

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